2019 ~ Standing on the precipice of a new school year

This first term brings new challenges. Actually the first week brings enough of its own. The summer holiday has flown by and it has been a whirlwind of catching up with family and friends. Relaxing and conversing across a meal is so pleasant. Our first grandchild was born four days ago and she has brought such joy to all of us.

I had breakfast with my closest friend on Boxing Day and we sat and chatted about balanced lives. She has just begun a consulting role which could eat up the next three years of her life… or not. My role as an educator could do the same… or not. We’ve decided ‘not’. We are going to take back the responsibility that at sometime, we inadvertently sat aside.

Life is a gift. Work is a gift also. At work we contribute 100% effort, expertise and commitment. We earn our money. In the past I have allowed work needs to seep (sometimes flood) into my personal time. Now is the time to allow myself to give the gift of my attention and be present for my health, wellbeing, loved ones, passions and dreams. Now…  January 2019. No more procrastinating.

I have made similar decisions in the past. This is different. This is something else. When I find the right adjective, I will share.

And so this coming week I step into the student free days.  I am excited and cautious. I’m calm and determined. I will keep you posted.





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